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What you seek is seeking you.

Your Reflection Reveals More Than Just A Face!

Your reflection reveals more than just a face—it’s a canvas to express your unique style. Glasses aren’t just an accessory; they’re a defining element of your individuality. 

Experienced Professionals

Allow our experienced professionals to be your guiding light in finding the ideal glasses tailored to your personality, lifestyle, and budget. Our collection boasts an extensive array of eyewear from leading designers, ensuring you’ll discover a wealth of styles to complement your personal style and vision need.


Covers one focal point of vision - either distance or near


Covers two focal points of vision - distance and near


Covers three focal points of vision - distance, intermediate and near


Covers all the focal points without any visible lines

Lens Materials and Benefits


It’s a lightweight and durable material known for its optical clarity. Developed by PPG Industries in 1940, CR-39 is a resin that provides good impact resistance and has the advantage of being less likely to shatter than glass lenses. It’s often used as a standard material for prescription eyeglasses due to its optical qualities and affordability.

Light weight, strong, durable, and transparent material. It’s known for its impact resistance, making it a popular choice for various applications where toughness and clarity are essential.

Thinner and lighter due to the higher density of the material, recommended for higher prescriptions, and providing superior optical quality.

The slimmest lens option compared to regular plastic, perfect for higher prescriptions, and thinner than the typical plastic lens.

Premium optical design technology enables eyeglass lenses to adopt flatter curves than traditional ones, resulting in a sleeker and more appealing appearance. This pairs excellently with high-index lenses.

Photochromic lenses, like Transitions® lenses, offer the convenience of two pairs in one, darkening in sunlight and clearing indoors. Yet, they may not darken enough inside a vehicle as they rely on direct sunlight for activation.

No lens material for eyeglasses, including glass, is completely immune to scratches. Yet, a treated lens shows greater resistance to everyday scratches caused by cleaning or accidental drops. It’s important to note, however, that no lens material guarantees complete scratch resistance.