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In my life experienced it is rare that a doctor follows all facets of a patients health, even if it is in another field of health care. Her observation of the back of my eyes and alerting me that something was not right took me immediately to my internist and cardiac doctor’s. After an Angiogram I was immediately admitted to the Hospital by Dr Q. and Dr R. Obviously, they were pleased to have your observation and acted immediately. If Dr Mosaddegh had not recorder detailed records of my health for more than last ten years, she might not discovered my current condition at that moment and alerted me. At 7AM December 26,2009 I was wheeled into the operating room where Dr G. installed a new aorta valve so that I may have many more years of healthful life.

Alan P.

“She is the kindest doctor and easiest person to talk to. I understand what she says all the time. I’m very happy after the surgery and it was a successful surgery because I’m not wearing glasses, and I wore glasses for 40 years, and now I can see for miles. I’m the happiest person in the whole world and pleased with her care. You can’t find a person nicer and kinder than Dr. Mosaddegh.”

Bernice G.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Mosaddegh for many years. I have had a number of serious eye problems which Dr. Mosaddegh has treated and either cured or successfully managed. She is a consummately good ophthalmologist and surgeon and holds herself at the highest standards. I have referred family and friends over the years and their experience and opinions are the same as mine. Dr. Mosaddegh practices cutting edge medicine, cares deeply about her patients and is a very pleasant person to deal with.”

Blaine C.J.

“Dr. Mosaddegh performed successful cataract surgery on me and saved my life by revealing circulatory problems that caused me to seek the immediate attention of a cardiologist. Dr. Mosaddegh practices healthcare in the highest way with professional integrity, human kindness, and care. I am forever grateful.”

John Mc.

“I have been nearsighted most of my life. I have worn glasses, as well as contact lenses, both the hard and soft variety. My glasses were so thick that they looked like the bottom of a Coke bottle. I was introduced to Dr. Lillie Mosaddegh by Dr. Terry Baker in the late 1990’s. I asked him if he could perform the Laser treatment to correct my nearsightedness. Dr. Baker informed me that he had no idea how to perform the surgery as he was near retirement, but that he was bringing in a young eye surgeon that could help me. I met with Dr. Mosaddegh at her West Portal office, was given a battery of tests, and was informed that I was a candidate for Laser treatment. Dr. Mosaddegh performed the procedure in a matter of fact it was 22 seconds per eye.. I could see distances.. It was a miracle….and I still think it is a miracle. It has made a huge difference in my lifestyle.. I am very active.. If you have worn glasses and like to participate in physical activity, then you understand what a burden wearing glasses can be.”

Ken D.

“Pleasant office. People who work there are excellent. Dr. Mosaddegh’s care is superb.”

Joanne J. MD